Plague Music joins thousands of other sites in protesting SOPA/PIPA

In case you missed it, Plague Music — in good company with Wikipedia, BoingBoing, Reddit and thousands more — was blacked out yesterday to protest SOPA/PIPA. Ironically, this ended up being our highest traffic day, due largely to being listed on the SOPA Strike page (which was reposted on numerous blogs and forums). However, just because we had a good run yesterday, doesn’t mean the battle is over. This issue is likely to come up again and again in the coming years as content producers attempt to control our rights to publish our own content how- and wherever we want. Plague will always oppose any law that infringes on your right of free speech and we are terrified by the fact that these lawmakers don’t even realize that they are infringing upon our right to free speech.

There were many posts throughout the web about the sites that blacked-out for the January 18th SOPA strike, however, we were particularly tickled to see our blackout page included in this post in the Ohio State University Lantern. Thanks, guys! Go Buckeyes!