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So I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Part of it was the SOPA/PIPA thing and the protest and I said I’d leave the blackout page up until SOPA/PIPA was gone for good and it sort of is and sort of isn’t. But that became an excuse, really, because then I started working on a new blog design which I plan on launching in the next couple months. The design is done, it just needs to be coded, but then I needed to finish the Museum Core framework on which it would be built. Which I did. But then, because Museum Themes takes priority, I decided that we should — once and for all — port our Blogger templates over into WordPress themes, the first of which has been done (Grandma’s Hat Box). After that, I need to update all of our themes so they plug into the Core framework as child themes. Then I need to work on some kind of membership model that allows access to all of our themes for a monthly fee. Then I need to update the Museum Themes site and the Arcane Palette site and then I can work on coding the new site design for this site.

And that’s why I pulled down the SOPA/PIPA page, since the update isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

The new design for jazzsequence.com will be single column, responsive and feature my music and coding projects a lot more than the current (and past) designs. I uploaded some of the mockups a while back…

redesign continued -- revised nav for easier navigation (ligh... on Twitpic

redesign continued -- contact page, powered by @protocol_by, ... on Twitpic

redesign continued -- code page on Twitpic

redesign continued -- about page on Twitpic

redesign, continued -- Music page on Twitpic

Working on a new site redesign on Twitpic





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