Upgrade WordPress via SSH

I’ve had a helluva time on this blog with updates.  I don’t know what I’m doing differently with this site than others… I have many sites hosted by HostingMatters,  all of them I’ve tweaked the wp-config.php file and only this domain is the one that has issues upgrading — for plugins it’s not a big deal, because the message hangs that it’s updating and never advances, but the updates do happen, but with the new 3.4.1 update, I couldn’t get the upgrade to happen at all.  It has to do with file ownership and permissions and I swear I have things set up correctly (and, indeed, exactly the same as how I have them set elsewhere) but no avail.

So this tutorial was tremendously helpful in giving me what I needed to install the latest version of WordPress via an SSH connection.

How to Upgrade WordPress via SSH.





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