Notifications, 2

Oh man. I’m stoked about this plugin. Part of the reason I’m so excited about it is because there’s no notification plugin in the repository called “Notifications”. Whaaat? Seriously? No one claimed that? It’s for reals, yo. The closest the repo has is WP Notifications. Now why would someone name a plugin WP Notifications when Notifications is just sitting right there? But I digress.

nope, no notifications

The bigger reason I’m excited is because this plugin fills a need that I have right freaking now AND because I spent a lot of time adding a ton of different ways to modify the notification that displays. First, there are 17 — count them, 17!!! — different default styles.

You can add a custom class to the div if you want, so you can apply styles from your theme or add your own custom CSS (with an included textarea for custom CSS).

options, we got 'em

Finally, if you’re into that sort of thing, you can create your own filter to add to your theme or plugin and change the output of the notification to your heart’s desire.

So, yeah, fun day. Now back to my @Pluralsight course writing…



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