New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress

pluralsightMy second course for Pluralsight goes live today. If you don’t already know, Pluralsight offers developer training videos and my first course, Introduction to WordPress Theme Development, was published in January. This course — Introduction to WordPress is a more general overview of WordPress and WordPress settings. I tried to pack it full with every screen available in WordPress so it can be used by beginners and developers alike.

But wait, you’re still unconvinced that Pluralsight is worth the monthly investment? Seriously, you shouldn’t be. This stuff is by devs for devs (of all shapes and sizes, from beginner to advanced) and the material is awesome. But you don’t need to take my word for it. I’ve got a stack of 1 month trial codes that give you access to the whole library sitting right here. I’ll give you one (well, I’ll give you the code and the URL to activate your trial) if you tweet a link to the announcement post on the Pluralsight blog and post a link to your tweet in the comments. Ready? Go.


8 responses to “New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress”

  1. siva kumar Avatar
    siva kumar


    Do you still have the codes available with you. very lately i discovered your site, I tweeted the above. and providing the link.

    If you still have can you please share a code with me to access the plural sight courses.

    1. chris reynolds Avatar

      Sent via email. Thanks!

      1. sivakumar Avatar

        Thank you very much for your help Chris.

  2. chennareddy Avatar


    Tweeted the wordpress course and here is the link to the tweet.

    Please provide me the code.

  3. sbga Avatar

    Done, Tweeted the plural sight blog post as said above and pasting the tweeter link above.

    Could you please give the plural sight code.


    1. chris reynolds Avatar

      Hey guys, this post is six months old. I don’t have a problem giving out the trial codes, but the idea was to promote my brand new course and since this post, I’ve made 3 more and have another on the way. I’m going to close the comments on this post and do another one of these for my next course on user roles and capabilities in WordPress which should go live (hopefully) within the week. Thanks for your comments and support and I hope you come back for the announcement post about my next course. :)