Theme update and a mad dash to fix broken stuff

So Museum Core was pushed live to the repo today. Of course I immediately switched my blog from the Twenty Fourteen theme I was testing to Core because, you know, it’s my freaking theme. And immediately I ran into some issues. If you are using Core and experience any of these, here are the fixes. Also, if you’re using Core and you find new issues, be sure and let me know in the comments or in the theme’s support forum.

Notifications appear twice

I’m also using my Notifications plugin. I thought I was clever by adding support for multiple possible action hooks in the plugin. Maybe I was. However, I was also a bit too clever in adding support for multiple possible action hooks in the theme. This resulted in both the body_open action and the before action being found by the theme in the Notifications plugin and resulted in the notifications displaying twice. That’s not good. I guess I was being a bit too clever.

I pushed out an update to the Notifications plugin that removes support for the body_open and before actions (effectively removing the native support for Twentytwelve that I added) in favor of the Theme Hook Alliance tha_body_top action. In theory at least, the Theme Hook Alliance actions will become more canonical and used by multiple themes so, while I’m removing native support for Twentytwelve, I’m actually adding support for any of the themes that currently do support THA hooks and Twentytwelve, if the theme authors decide to add THA hooks into it. If you are using Core and Notifications together, please update your action hook under the <body> to this:

Icons don’t display

Museum Core 2.0 removes all the image icons that were previously in the theme and replaces them with the icon font, FontAwesome. FontAwesome is — as it sounds — awesome, and using it with the Bootstrap 3.0 support that is the foundation of Museum Core was a pretty easy decision. However, after updating my theme, none of the icons (which appear at the bottom of the posts) were displaying. I thought there was some caching issue or maybe the font files never downloaded in the update. But, checking all that, came up empty. Finally, I found the issue.

I’m also using the Better WordPress Minify plugin, which minifies all your javascript and css. Well the FontAwesome CSS is already minified, so I suspect that trying to concatenate and re-minify an already minified CSS file made something go wonky and it just wasn’t working at all. The solution was to turn off CSS minification and everything works fine now.

(By the way, that cool little flag thingie up there, that was created using FontAwesome using a recipe from their site…here’s the code:)

(Note, if you do this in WordPress, you’ll need to put all the code on a single line, no breaks — otherwise the WordPress editor will interpret those as line breaks (<br />) and it will break the cool stacking effect. Also note that I’m using icon-dark on the flag instead of icon-light as is suggested here since the font color is already light.)

Download Musuem Core!

Now that I’m done with my rant, please, please PLEASE go download Museum Core RTFN and tell me what you think. I tried to make it as flexible as humanly possible and I’m pretty satisfied that the result is something that’s both usable as a theme framework or a theme that allows you to tweak almost every aspect of it right from the Theme Customizer. Again, if you run into any issues, please let me know.


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