Tomorrow is Solstice — during which we won’t be using electricity (at least as much as possible) — and then we’re driving up to Washington. Before I go offline for the next couple days, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge a historic event that happened today in Utah.

A Federal Supreme Court Judge ruled that a Utah ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional — that it violated the basic human rights granted in the Constitution of the United States.

This is effing huge. Not just because Utah is a big fat red state but because it’s establishing the fact…well…we won. Everybody is — as they should be — fucking equal. And should be treated with equal respect and given equal rights. Sure, it takes a quorum of assholes to write up a law stating that (marriage == man + woman) for that to get overruled in a Federal court but it doesn’t matter. Right now, there are people who are in love and have been waiting for this for years, lining up to finally — finally — have that recognized. In Utah.

I may not be a native Utahn. And I hate much of the politics of this state. But dammit if this doesn’t make me proud to live here.

From HuffPo: Utah Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down As Unconstitutional
From Q Salt Lake: Breaking: Utah’s Amendment 3 unconstitutional







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