Category: asides

  • network troubleshooting

    got a brilliant idea from this post on dslreports that may solve my network lag issues…

  • asides

    being able to post asides, and do so directly from the dashboard is going to seriously influence how i keep my blog updated and how often i post…

  • wp-o-matic trick

    discovered a trick about wp-o-matic as i was building the new site. for wp-o-matic to work and not lag, you need to set up a cron job. but said cron job doesn’t *necessarily* need to happen on the host server. so, if you have a server that allows cron jobs (which i do, at home)…

  • almost there

    new theme is set up but i still need to do lifestreaming integration and customize sidebars.  almost…there…

  • man, we suck

    why, oh why is this not even the slightest possibility in the us?

  • ::8.2.2004::

    updated the portfolio page. see for yerself.

  • ::9.23.2003::house!!!

    we got our house…we’ll find out later today if we can start moving tonight. in the meantime, i made a page for my magic cards finally…will go in the geek section when i get that up, for now it’s here.

  • ::7.22.2003::

    uploaded pics from tess & karen’s wedding. see them here.

  • ::3.22.2003::HELP ME, I LIVE IN A ROGUE STATE!

    yes, that’s new…along with a lot of other stuff on this page, some of which is up and some of which hasn’t been finished yet. this is my personal anti-war campaign. save this .gif to your computer, include it in emails, do whatever, just give me credit, and if you put it on your web…

  • ::3.13.2003::

    well, the long, strange trip is over, but the destination is nowhere i thought i’d be. in theory, above you should see my brand new work id card, and above my name the letters MSN. that stands for what you think it stands for, yes, microsoft is my employer (actually, microsoft is the client of the…