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  • more on the music industry filesharing debate

    this post on the uk’s Telegraph shares the results of a recent analysis on where revenue is going.  the short answer: it’s what i, and a lot of other people, have been saying for a long time — the big wigs are losing money but, on the whole, individual artists actually benefit from filesharing, even…

  • stfu, facebook

    seriously, facebook? shutup. i’m tired of you telling me not only how *i* should use facebook, but how my friends on facebook should use facebook. it’s one thing to suggest some people i know (although, if i’ve ignored the suggestion for a month, and logged in once a day, every day, chances are, i’m not…

  • xbox fail

    Microsoft: i’m sorry, all your xboxes are belong to us. BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers.

  • robot ethics

    i find it interesting that our country is really only recently thinking about ethical and social issues revolving around artificial intelligence in science and pop culture. battlestar galactica and the upcoming caprica are recent examples of america coming to terms with realistic artificial intelligence scenarios. before that, what, the terminator? japan has been thinking about…

  • Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House –

    Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House –

  • fix the broken music industry, revisited

    Upstart Blogger restates some ideas I’ve been blogging about for a while.  The question is, will anyone listen? Now is the time to force the music industry to change.

  • packaging…fail…

  • aargh!

    the sincere idiocy of some people truly astounds me sometimes.

  • wifi encryption lifehack

    random thought: if i had a wifi router but disabled dhcp, theoretically you could almost disable any kind of encryption or wireless security with the theory that most people wouldn’t be smart enough to know how to hard-code their ip address to connect to your unsecure network to connect to the internet.

  • cancel that

    nope, that didn’t work :/