Oh hey, I made a video

If you haven’t already seen it on Museum Themes (it’s on the front page) or on the Arcane Palette YouTube page, I made a movie. Okay, it’s really just a promotional trailer for our new theme, but I tried to make it as dramatic as a trailer for a WordPress theme could be. Oh yeah,… Continue reading Oh hey, I made a video

Jazz Quotes

Matt Mullenweg (co-creator of WordPress and founder of Automattic) has launched a new site devoted to quotes from jazz musicians.  It’s freaking awesome and embodies pretty much everything I like about the movement (it is part of my pseudonym after all).  Check it out: Jazz Quotes.

Never saw that coming…oh wait…

It turns out, the Internet is now, officially, out of real estate.  Begin the INTERNETACOLYPSE!  The public bar fight between Google and Microsoft were only harbingers of the End Times. No Easy Fixes as Internet Runs Out of Addresses | Epicenter | Wired.com.