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  • Kids’ room wall art

    We added some new art to the kids’ bedroom…

  • Trip to Moscow, ID

  • Some cute pics at home

  • Trip to California

  • Some pics…

  • Catching up

    It’s 2011 and we’ve been remiss in updating this blog (and the flickr stream) with new pics.  So, here’s the last 3 months in brief… September The end of September we had several significant events and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa in California. But first… The Open Classroom had an all-school field trip to…

  • First day of Kindergarten

    Today is Gavin’s first day of Kindergarten.

  • School pics

    We got pictures taken of G for school last week after we got back from California… photography by Blackburn Studio The photographer is actually an OC parent and his son will be in G’s class so he offered to do the shoot for free.

  • going back to cali

    We’re busy catching up after our week-long trek to California, in particular Pescadero and Butano State Park.  In the midst of all this catching up with work and other things, we’re also getting ready for Gavin to start kindergarten next week! Nevertheless, we took lots of pics on our trip and thought we should post…

  • gavin turns 5

    i haven’t been doing the best job of posting pics up here, i know.  i realize this as the most recent pics are from g’s graduation, now almost 3 months gone.  that said, i have been keeping things updated on flickr, so you can check out the latest pics (sans witticisms) there (presuming you are…