going back to cali

We’re busy catching up after our week-long trek to California, in particular Pescadero and Butano State Park.  In the midst of all this catching up with work and other things, we’re also getting ready for Gavin to start kindergarten next week! Nevertheless, we took lots of pics on our trip and thought we should post them here before we’re completely overwhelmed.

Gavin and Lilah test out the tent once everything is set up
Lilah poses for the camera while we're getting ready to hit the beach
I'm smiling see?
Look!  Sand!
Erin said this was a "beach vacation" so we spent as much time as possible running around the various beaches near Pescadero
Gavin enjoyed exploring the rocky cliffs and formations in the water
On Friday we hung out with my parents and the kids got to have some beach fun with g-ma & g-pa
On our last day in Butano State Park, we said goodbye to the campsite...
...and headed off to the beach one last time before driving back to dusty Salt Lake City

Pictures are uploading to Flickr as I type this The rest of the pictures are on Flickr, so be sure to check my Flickr photostream to see all the pics we took on the trip.  Here’s the link straight to the pics from our trip.  And if you’re family or friends and can’t see pics of the kids, make sure you log in with your Yahoo account and add me as a contact.