wai so srs?

so, on wednesday, a think tank in new jersey sent out a press release that they found a probable link to what may be responsible for the sudden, widespread increase of autism.  coming across this last night, i posted (along with a quote and a link to the press release) an emotional rant about how… Continue reading wai so srs?

a pirate and a bumblebee

last year on halloween, we got a monkey suit for gavin because he was really into monkeys.  but he wasn’t into the suit so much.  (at least, not on halloween.  later, he was more than happy to run around as a monkey.)  i wanted to get a gorilla suit to encourage him to jump in […]

what do you do with a kangaroo?

“What do you do with a Kangaroo who jumps in your window, sits on your bed, and says, ‘I never sleep on wrinkled sheets, so change them now and make them smooth, and fluff up the pillows if you please’ What do you do?” there’s an old book by mercer mayer, before he did the… Continue reading what do you do with a kangaroo?

capitol reef and lilah’s birthday

we took a camping trip to southern utah’s capitol reef last weekend.  i posted some pics to flickr and on my blog, but here’s the kids highlights.  it was great fun, and the campsite had a couple fruit orchards that the kids, especially gavin, loved.  also, the orchards were great for attracting a family of […]

little bits

Gavin starts school next week!!  He is so excited!  We got to meet his very nice teacher and see his classroom and we got to take a trip to find him a backpack.  Wow!  I know he is going to love it!  He’s got quite a good start on ABC’s and 123’s already but he […]

in California

There was Gavin’s birthday, there was lots of fun with family, there was the kids’ first camping overnight (aside from sleeping in Gma and Gpa McC’s backyard once), there was fun at the beach, a trip to the Exploratorium.  Most of it is undocumented, except in our memories, but we did capture a few moments […]

obama isn’t going for the low blow

after news of gov. palin’s teen daughter’s pregnancy broke, i thought to myself (and to erin), i hope obama doesn’t use this. it’s typical to go for the groin shot in politics, use an advantage like a teenage pregnancy in the family (or a wife’s alchoholism, or whatever) to drag your opponent’s name in the… Continue reading obama isn’t going for the low blow

a clue! a clue!

gavin really likes blue’s clues. he’s started finding clues throughout the house.  he says “A clue! A clue!” when he sees something paw-shaped around the house.  this is a really post-modern experience for me and brings up an interesting question. what is this thing that we’re finding clues for?  i haven’t written down all the… Continue reading a clue! a clue!