the gavin blog is officially now ‘kidsblog’.  at some point in the future i will make you all change your bookmarks to (hmmm…maybe i should change that to…..), because as it stands now the home page is kids.jazzsequence but any of the links redirect back to /gavin…for now, however it stands as it… Continue reading kidsblog


i created an account/page on mostly because my digital photo printer at work is out of supplies and we wanted something/someplace to print pictures that are more recent than, oh, xmas 2006…so the cool thing is if you make an account and add yourself as a friend/family of me/us, then you can order photos… Continue reading flickr

rpm update

one song down. updated (finished) version of North Korea called North Korea II (of all things). added some jello biafra samples and synth to the original track. it was intended to have a sax solo with it, but sax is sort of out of the question (unfortunately) for this project since a lot of what… Continue reading rpm update

insert explitives, bitterness, and tremendous over-exaggeration

this post was going to be titled “hello square one” because after getting the soundblaster live! card to work in linux for all of about 5 minutes, i rebooted to play some Guild Wars and when it came back, it didn’t work anymore. that has changed, however, since i am not even reaching square one.… Continue reading insert explitives, bitterness, and tremendous over-exaggeration


after several desktop crashes, partial loads, reboots, frustration, an ingenious apt-get install that i didn’t expect to work and then finally finding the driver on sourceforge but not actually installing and going to the creative labs website looking for a linux driver that, of course, doesn’t exist, i somehow, mysteriously got my transplanted soundblaster live!… Continue reading boo-frakking-yah