spicy aztec coffee

we’ve been out of (flavored) creamer, so i invented this.  i’ve decided it’s awesome. 2 heaping tsp Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate (if you needed to, the Allegro Mayan Drinking Chocolate that you can get from Whole Foods would probably work) Coffee (maybe slightly less than you’d usually pour into your cup) Creamer/Milk/Half & Half (i think this… Continue reading spicy aztec coffee


i wasn’t so sure about the artistic quality of this.  it sort of felt like some high school prank, although it was amusing in that this is that dream where everyone’s naked that no one actually ever has in real life kind of way. this, however, is genius.  i’m thinking of making an installation piece out… Continue reading nu-art

food blog returns: halloween candy meltdown (literally)

so i was really aggravated last night.  we just had a major reset done in the cheese department, and i was focusing on the case, figuring out what i should cut.  there was some chocolate that i needed to deal with and my big, pretty display i built a couple months ago got pulled down… Continue reading food blog returns: halloween candy meltdown (literally)

caffe ibis

we took a field trip to logan, utah, to visit caffe ibis.  i was seriously impressed by their commitment to sustainability, fair trade, and making a positive difference on the environment.  seriously.  took a tour around the roasting facilities and then had a mini cupping.  the cupping was interesting, kinda obviously done for our benefit,… Continue reading caffe ibis

new topic: cheese. discuss.

erin thinks i should write about my cheese exploits.  because it’s at least as exciting as anything else i ever write about. …she probably has a point. so. today i discovered cowgirl creamery.  they’re based in petaluma, ca and we got some MT TAM in (named after mount tamalpais).  not only is it a good… Continue reading new topic: cheese. discuss.