server intestinal implosion

so the server is having issues. i’m getting a lot of slow loading pages and error 500s on the wordpress sites i’m running.  when i contacted 1and1 to report the issue, i got this fantabulous response: me: > Hi– > > I have multiple sites running on my shared hosting > package, and I noticed… Continue reading server intestinal implosion

and the award for dumbest news of the week goes to…

the state department, after a “reply-all” storm caused their servers to crash.  apparently, not only were people pissed at being included on the reply-all lists, and sent angry replies, but the problem was further compunded by more traffic caused by email recalls.   i’m left speechless.  read the post and scathing replies on /.

a clue! a clue!

gavin really likes blue’s clues. he’s started finding clues throughout the house.  he says “A clue! A clue!” when he sees something paw-shaped around the house.  this is a really post-modern experience for me and brings up an interesting question. what is this thing that we’re finding clues for?  i haven’t written down all the… Continue reading a clue! a clue!

computer explosion

so there we were.  playing guildwars.  trying to get some new characters to a high enough level that we can beat the mission which will unlock the ability to go from the nightfall campaign back to the original prophecies campaign.  we’re running aroung collecting XP from the quests we just finished, when, all of a… Continue reading computer explosion


we recently netflix’d two movies in a row with “-proof” in their title: Quentin Tarrantino‘s Death Proof (one half of his and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse) and Adam Sandler‘s Bulletproof. A brief review of these stinkbombs… Death Proof the only thing this flick proves is that Quentin Tarrantino is working on his talentless hack title. seriously.… Continue reading TalentProof

a free second to type…

so it seems totally contradictory that now that i am home all day i actually have less time to blog than when i was working at albertsons.  that probably says something about my job.  but that also says something about having kids around and being a parent.  and, you know, that part is cool. so,… Continue reading a free second to type…