i know it’s all in the name of technology, but…

i’m all for google street view.  i laugh at the claims of invasion of privacy when people file lawsuits against google street view when they find themselves on google maps.  i am amused by humorous street view photos like the one with the guy in front of the camera or the one where they ran over a deer.  and i’m vindicated by the use of technology for the power of good when street view is used to solve crime.  but when it’s me, it’s kind of creepy.

i didn’t complain last year, when the google street view van drove by and took some shots of the house from the main road out our front door.


but these shots are creepy. and a lot closer.  and in better light.




i just have 2 things to say.  1) at least it was over a year ago (we don’t have that car anymore). and 2) at least our garden looks okay…




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