food blog returns: halloween candy meltdown (literally)

so i was really aggravated last night.  we just had a major reset done in the cheese department, and i was focusing on the case, figuring out what i should cut.  there was some chocolate that i needed to deal with and my big, pretty display i built a couple months ago got pulled down… Continue reading food blog returns: halloween candy meltdown (literally)

simplifying things, cutting off painful extremities

so last week, erin and i decided to cut off iFreelance for good.  we’ve gotten a good run on Elance and we’ve only really gotten 1 fix-it job on iFreelance, the interface isn’t as good, the support and payment isn’t as easy (for either party) or well developed, and the jobs are fewer and tend… Continue reading simplifying things, cutting off painful extremities

a free second to type…

so it seems totally contradictory that now that i am home all day i actually have less time to blog than when i was working at albertsons.  that probably says something about my job.  but that also says something about having kids around and being a parent.  and, you know, that part is cool. so,… Continue reading a free second to type…


so, today is my last day with albertsons.  thus concludes Operation GTF Out of ABS.  there’s a major safety net that is being removed by this transition.  stability, decent insurance, a steady paycheck, a moderate, but highly middle class salary.  what’s coming in its’ place is a low-paying (comparatively) P/T job and an unsteady, self-motivated… Continue reading ohgodohgod

it’s official / camPAIN 2008

it’s official. if you haven’t been checking my calendar (and really, who does?) after thanksgiving i will no longer be a supervalu employee. the concept scares the shit out of me. after 2 years of being a salaried employee making middle class wages with decent enough benefits, it feels like i’m jumping out into ice-cold,… Continue reading it’s official / camPAIN 2008