bast3And I saw Her standing before me, alluring like the night. She had the body of a woman, but the head of a cat, fur covering her naked body, and I couldn’t help but step closer. I knew that what was before me was far greater than any living creature. She was more than otherworldly. I was approaching an entity that is worshipped in many places.

Finally, we were face to face. Her feline eyes searching mine, all the while tempting. We stood there,–Her breasts touching my chest–unmoving. She looked to the heavens, smiled, and purred. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my life. She put Her hands around my waist, and pulled me closer.

She was taller than I by about three inches, standing approximately six foot four. Her fingers interlocked at the small of my back, but I was too amazed to move. We seemed to stand like that for hours, when I joined the embrace, and slowly stroked her soft gray fur. She purred silently into my ear, and I gasped from the pure sensuousness of it.

Soon, I was naked, too, lying on my back, waves crashing against the shore behind us, drowning myself in this Goddess. The love we made was not sexual, it was spiritual. More than that, it was religious. We became one. I felt not pleasure, not even ecstasy, but Nirvana. A physical and mental bliss sinful to humans..

bast2She whispered into my ear with a breathy voice: “You know that to love a Goddess this way is forbidden…” “So be it,” I gasped, and clung tighter to her moistening coat. She smiled cryptically to Herself at my words. The skies opened up, and the rain fell down, and we wrestled and tumbled and rolled in the sand. The waves got louder, the tide was coming in. I didn’t care, I would let the waves sweep me into their embrace, losing myself in an undertow, as long as I could have my feline Goddess..

The wind and waves and rain were cold, but our heat radiated from us like a purplish sphere of energy, and grew and grew and grew larger. This was not merely a sin, and not merely forbidden. This was a blasphemy. A secret, sensual, sublime fantasy come true. A living myth, breathing as hotly and heavily as us. Then, the beach and the rain and the waves no longer existed, and there was just a sea of blackness..

Not ordinary blackness, however. This was the dark that existed before light was created, not only physical, but mental. Our passion tinted it red. Still, the sphere grew, no longer purple, but blood red. No longer blood red, but red-orange. The heat we created became that of a furnace. And the agony of the flames and the ecstasy of each other were One in the same..

The sphere grew, with we at its core, and through us, Light was born, illuminating the Void. I felt unseen eyes and invisible faeries observing this sacred act, however, not approaching the orb of fire, frightened by its light and heat. Our flesh raged, her fur long since scorched, our sweat became as lava. Tendrils of flame emerged from our bodies, and a small snowball was sent rolling down a hill. The heat and energy and passion increased and kept increasing. Building up and building up until it seemed fit to burst, and then kept building up. At long last, it burst, spreading four-hundred and thirty-two thousand miles in every direction. At the core, the light was pure white, and our flesh slowly melted into each other, and the Void cried out in rapture with the birth of the One..


Then, at the furthest possible point from the glowing sphere, We watched. Our smile was One smile, but soon, like an amoeba, we split. I saw my lover as I first saw Her, in all her Feline Greatness, and She smiled to me, proud of what I’d become. Later, I would be called Osiris, and She, Isis. Or sometimes She the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), and I Her consort, the Horned God. Some called us Zeus and Hera, or half a million other names. Really, I didn’t know what I was. I knew at one time I was flesh and blood, but even that seemed like a dream, and this the reality..

I could see Her stomach, plump and round with Our Son. While we waited for His coming, we experimented; creating new worlds–none of which were capable of containing life–until finally a glowing blue sphere we made, this one out of out love for each other and for all Life. We made lush forests, and ripe cornfields..

A time of flowerings, beginnings, freshness turned into a time of heat, passion and the harvest, to the dropping of leaves from trees. But with each falling leaf, I felt weaker. My light was fading. My Love saw this with tears in her eyes, but perservered, as she always did, stroking lovingly her ripe belly. One cold, hallowed evening, I rested not to wake up in this form again….

She gave birth, and it was the holiest of moments, but she could not rejoice. I was my Son, and saw Her through my infant eyes! I don’t think she knew this, however. She thought I was the precise image of Her Lover, and it mad Her sad..

One day she decided that if this were to continue, She must give me to two loving parents, as She didn’t believe She could handle me on Her own. Oh, if only I could speak! But my infant tongue would allow no such thing. She looked upon the legions of mortals on the Life-giving world that was Our masterpiece. She watched the lives of everyone, and it pleased Her. She chose two lovers whose love for each other had brought them no child, though they tried and tried. She impregnated the woman with my seed, and in her I again grew and was reborn..

As I grew, I never remembered anything of what had happened to me, or if I did, it was just a foolish dream. Despite this, I always felt a feminine Presence watching me, and smiling upon me, and I never believed them when they told me of a masculine god. Bemusedly, I smiled at their deluded efforts..

bast1In my eighteenth year, I went to the beach one full moon. It was the eve of May, and the moon seemed close enough to touch. I layed myself on the sand, and stared at the sky, feeling the power and strangeness of this evening. I fell asleep for awhile, and dreamt of cats….

I awoke, and started walking along the shore. I knew not why, but I felt something tugging me that way. It was still hours from dawn, and was a beautiful night. The beach was alone and silent. I looked to the sea, and felt the distinctly feminine force in it..

And then I saw Her before me, alluring like the night….


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