the VALIS remix album


VALIS is a novel by Philip K. Dick.  i actually became obsessed with Philip K. Dick not from his more mainstream novels that were made into movies (see: Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, and Minority Report, among others), but rather from VALIS.  i can’t write a synopsis of VALIS and do it any kind of justice, but i will say that it deals with psychosis, varied spirituality, self-destruction and rebirth.  VALIS was adapted to the stage by my friend, rob chatain, and had an original score composed by tess tanen.  rob had approached both of us to work on the project and i was interested but was going to be in England that semester, so i could only see the results.  the VALIS remix album was, in a way, my contribution to a project that was already complete, and also my tribute to it.

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