you’ll have to wait for the book


you’ll have to wait for the book is my 2nd completed album for the RPM challenge.  for RPM 2010, i plugged in my midi keyboard for the first time in years, rather than just fiddling with knobs, raw sound clips, or a keyboard emulator from a normal computer keyboard.  i think the result is that, although the majority of the sounds are computer-generated (or have heavy effects on them), the sound is more natural and organic.

many of the titles — and, indeed, the name of the album itself — were inspired by the book i was writing at the same time.

the cover and case for the album was made using a prototype design based on digipak cases and standard, folding cd sleeves.  a limited edition release featuring these handmade cases is now available for purchase on bandcamp.

detail of the limited edition, custom digisleeve


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