year zero

in 2007, nine inch nails released an album called year zero.  along with it was an alternate reality game and a plot arc of a near future in which the songs took place.  shortly after the release of the album (and the end of the arg), a remix album was released with multi-tracks of all the year zero songs.  i’ve played around with them off and on since then, but this year i’ve decided to make an effort to actually remix the whole album and release it here.

[audio: yz-01-hyperpower.mp3,yz-02-bote.mp3,yz-03-bote-sq1.mp3]
download hyperpower! — downloaded [downloadcounter(hyperpower)] times
download beginning of the end — downloaded [downloadcounter(bote)] times
download beginning of the end [sequence 1] — downloaded [downloadcounter(bote-sq1)] times


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