The Rise and Fall of Upstart Blogger

This is a book I’ve been working on since January.  It’s 231 pages including two appendices and a complete list of references, and a total of 97,738 words unedited.  It is a personal story of my own experience with Ashley Morgan and Upstart Blogger.  A lot of people — especially those who noticed my post on Upstart Blogger and my subsequent attack on Genesis Rocket a few days later — have asked me what made me change my mind.  Well, this book should answer that question, by compiling a complete narrative from numerous sources online and via email as well as my own speculation and experience.  We’ll be editing it (hopefully) in the next few days or so, and then I will be providing it for free, in full, on its’ own, dedicated site.

For now you can take a peek at the official homepage for The Rise and Fall of Upstart Blogger.

Watch this space for updates.


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