teh s3quence 013: spin spin sugar

Meanwhile, I’ve been making a bunch of mix cds on the dl. The focus of these mixes is dance-able, clubby electronic music. I decided I should post some of these as teh s3quence mixes. Probably more upbeat than most of the stuff that usually gets uploaded as teh s3quence, but that’s okay sometimes, too. I have another one lined up for next week (and by then I’ll probably have another one ready again). No album art this time around, but maybe I’ll get to it before I post the next one…

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Random Song of the Day #7

Somehow, @artfulmark aka Mark Hill aka The Artful Dodger started following me on Twitter.  This is literally the first time someone that I’m a fan of started following me instead of the other way around.  Consider my mind blown.  Possibly it has something to do with my RSotD yesterday.  At any rate, this is a track from his SoundCloud stream (which I’m going to be hitting up today for some listening tunes) that he tweeted today and it’s just as good as — if not better than — anything off It’s All About the Stragglers (which, by the way, is now 10 freaking years old).  I really dig the bassline just before the drum kicks in.  Reminds me a bit of “Neighbourhood“…oh man, it’s gonna be a UK Garage sort of day today…

Could Just Be The Bassline by artfulmark