Random Song of the Day #7

Somehow, @artfulmark aka Mark Hill aka The Artful Dodger started following me on Twitter.  This is literally the first time someone that I’m a fan of started following me instead of the other way around.  Consider my mind blown.  Possibly it has something to do with my RSotD yesterday.  At any rate, this is a track from his SoundCloud stream (which I’m going to be hitting up today for some listening tunes) that he tweeted today and it’s just as good as — if not better than — anything off It’s All About the Stragglers (which, by the way, is now 10 freaking years old).  I really dig the bassline just before the drum kicks in.  Reminds me a bit of “Neighbourhood“…oh man, it’s gonna be a UK Garage sort of day today…

Could Just Be The Bassline by artfulmark





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