This just in: Mashable op-ed states the obvious

In a ridiculous, duh-inducing article, author Chris Taylor explains how Apple doesn’t make money on apps because their product focus is in hardware.


This profound insight should surprise exactly no one as anyone who has observed Apple anytime in the last 10 years or so, or — as the author pointed out — pretty much since the first iPod.

The question is not why did Apple make iWork and OSX free, it’s why they didn’t make those things available at a really low cost (say $5) that doesn’t even feel like spending money, and get some cream to skim off the top. The “free” (which is only really free if you buy a new Apple product) thing really says more about how threatened they are feeling by their competitors that they feel the need to throw their productivity suite at people’s faces than it does about being innovative in how they are marketing and selling their products. We should realize by now that when you buy an Apple product, you are buying it because of the device not because of the stuff you can run on the device.

Apple's Backwards Business Model Upends Everything We Know.

When Steve Jobs isn’t happy, he really isn’t happy


When Steve Jobs isn’t happy, he really isn’t happy | Technically Incorrect – CNET News.

This article uses the word “reportedly” far too many times (twice in the excerpt below, alone).  Considering it’s not really even a real article, just an amusing anecdote from another article with some bland commentary, it makes me seriously question the state of tech journalism as a whole.  However, this little sound byte from Steve Jobs made me laugh out loud (and, I mean actually laugh out loud, not just type “lol”) — then again, most things irreverent about Steve Jobs strike me as amusing…

“Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” he reportedly offered. Someone in the room ventured a response, reportedly one that made an awful lot of sense.

“So why the f*** doesn’t it do that?” retorted Jobs.

“You’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation…You should hate each other for having let each other down.”

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