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  • WASPREMIX is now available everywhere

    WASPREMIX is now available to download and purchase on Zune, Amazon, iTunes and BandCamp. Stream it from Spotify, BandCamp or this site to preview the album before you buy it. If you are a music reviewer, get in touch and we’ll send you a promo…

  • WASPREMIX Release date set for 11-11-11

    The new remix EP from jazzsequence is done and ready for release.  The EP contains remixes by @Slighter and Plague artist @theRaygunGirls and was mastered at The Cell Studio in West Los Angeles.  This album will be the first-ever release that will be available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon (as well as Spotify and… (read…

  • VibeDeck: First Impressions

    VibeDeck is a new site for musicians to sell their music that Geoff pointed out to me.  They vow to be free, totally free, without ever taking a cut of your sales.  They also swear to be completely ad free.  They haven’t quite figured out how to make money with all of those vows, but… (read…

  • Random Song of the Day #20: HORRORFALL – SevenPointFive [video]

    Hot on the heels of the new single you can get from their Bandcamp page, @HORRORFALL gives us a sweet new video to accompany it.  I still think this track is sexy.

  • Random Song of the Day #12

    This is another one from @slighter from his brand-spanking-new (but actually old) free collection of remixes on bandcamp.  Possibly my favorite track from the LP.

  • notes on a new album

    notes on a new album

    Things being tight in this economy, e & I decided not to buy anything for each other for Christmas but instead make things for each other.  The only thing I felt competent enough to make (without doing something lame like a website or a desktop wallpaper or something) was music, so I pushed out a…

  • fighting music piracy one rapidshare file at a time

    sam rosenthal, of projekt records, is back on his piracy soapbox again.  he is asking each and every one of you to do your part to help stop piracy.  he breaks the world down into two camps: camp a says: “Music should be free, fuck you for thinking I should pay for your music.”  camp a is…

  • gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness buy the album and get all the source files in one download, or just download everything for free from the bandcamp site.  really happy to have this out there for people to enjoy as a full album as opposed to individual tracks. [clear]