Ancient Seas

ancientseas screenshot 750x410 Ancient Seas

Ancient Seas gives your blog a nautical feeling of exploration and discovery.  The rich, textured brown in the background is graced by a variety of sea creatures hidden just under the surface.  Warm oranges and yellows give the theme a vintage demeanor suitable for your most treasured writings.

Buy Ancient Seas — $5

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Birds in Blue

Birds in Blue is a Blogger template with an ancient and rustic flavor.  The gently textured background is joined by an aged flock of birds to give your blog an unique flair.  Vibrant colors for the text and links make sure your posts are easy to read, and the title is rendered in the beautiful Aquiline script, powered by Cufón for cross-browser compatibility.

Buy Birds in Blue — $5

If you like Birds in Blue, you might also like Ancient Seas.  Buy them both for $8.

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Free Calendar Wallpaper: January2011

I’d be lying if I said that this month’s calendar wallpaper wasn’t at least a little bit inspired by Franz Jeitz aka Fudgegraphics.  I thought we’d kick off the new year with a minimalist, typographic design that incorporates one of our snow textures.  This wallpaper is a calendar-only wallpaper, but we’ve got it in a wider variety of sizes including PSP.

Full Screen

Wide Screen
1920x 1200




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Just in time for Halloween, we have an awesome new free Blogger template to give your blog a bit of spook factor.  This Blogger template comes in two flavors, midnight blue and rustic brown, and is built with Cufón for cross-browser compatible custom fonts for the blog title and the post titles.  And since we loved the background so much, we made them into Twitter backgrounds, too.  Speaking of backgrounds, the background image uses CSS3′s background-size property, to dynamically scale the background image to the size of your screen — go ahead, try it.  Hell, if I had a blog on Blogger, I’d be using this.

Download Obscura 1.21MB
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screenshot newtwitter 150x150 Obscura
screenshot twitter 150x150 Obscura

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Free WordPress Theme: The Harbinger

this theme is one that i ran on a fake news site that was part of a RPG erin and i were running over the summer based on a novel we were/are working on.  the name of the news site was The Harbinger and it specialized in reporting news relevant to the vampire/werewolf underworld.  the theme itself is a lightly modified version of the Mimbo theme by Darren Hoyt. mostly it’s just a recolor — i didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it since the game was a thing to do with my already-limited free time, but i was pretty satisfied with the result.  you can take a look at the live demo here or download it here.

i also have a different background that could be used on the theme that i put over here — if you’re interested in using The Harbinger and would like that background instead, let me know in the comments and i will oblige.