Free WordPress Theme: The Harbinger

this theme is one that i ran on a fake news site that was part of a RPG erin and i were running over the summer based on a novel we were/are working on.  the name of the news site was The Harbinger and it specialized in reporting news relevant to the vampire/werewolf underworld.  the theme itself is a lightly modified version of the Mimbo theme by Darren Hoyt. mostly it’s just a recolor — i didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it since the game was a thing to do with my already-limited free time, but i was pretty satisfied with the result.  you can take a look at the live demo here or download it here.

i also have a different background that could be used on the theme that i put over here — if you’re interested in using The Harbinger and would like that background instead, let me know in the comments and i will oblige.


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