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  • notes on a new album

    notes on a new album

    Things being tight in this economy, e & I decided not to buy anything for each other for Christmas but instead make things for each other.  The only thing I felt competent enough to make (without doing something lame like a website or a desktop wallpaper or something) was music, so I pushed out a…

  • Random Song of the Day #4

    Random Song of the Day #4

    This Plastikman remix from @slighter makes me want to DJ again, just so I can spin a set around this sick bassline. Plastikman – Ask Yourself [Visitor Seven Remixes] by colinc

  • Random Song of the Day #-1

    Random Song of the Day #-1

    Continuing with the non-linear numbering system, I thought I’d include a song that sort of seemed to fit the day the other day, which planted the seed for the song of the day meme… [audio:rsotd-1.mp3]

  • Random Song of the Day #0

    Random Song of the Day #0

    The first of anything is always depressing.  If you never continue with whatever it is, that #1 is just staring at you, taunting.  So, I had this idea of doing a “random song of the day” thinking that it would be pretty cool, be a way to share the music I love and what I’m…

  • lala.com closes their doors: a case study in how to alienate your core userbase

    Once upon a time there was a website called Lala.  I think I first heard about them in an issue of Wired as an alternative to filesharing.  Because, when Lala got started, it was all about cd trading — put the cd’s you don’t really care for anymore up in the pool, create a wishlist…

  • Review: Black Pepper Sea – Charcoal Essex Park

    RPM is a couple months gone and I still haven’t gotten to listen to nearly as much of what came out of it as I would have liked.  However, one album that was recommended on the RPM forums was Charcoal Essex Park by Black Pepper Sea.  Working in the yard today, I loaded up my…

  • Is Piracy Really Killing The Music Industry? No!

    Is Piracy Really Killing The Music Industry? No! | TorrentFreak. via @isohunt blah blah blah…still more evidence to support the idea that declining music sales and music piracy are not related.  and more of the same RIAA whining about how they are, despite all data to the contrary. when can we just be done with…

  • fighting music piracy one rapidshare file at a time

    sam rosenthal, of projekt records, is back on his piracy soapbox again.  he is asking each and every one of you to do your part to help stop piracy.  he breaks the world down into two camps: camp a says: “Music should be free, fuck you for thinking I should pay for your music.”  camp a is…

  • gwozdziec: pounding the last nail in

    i’ve decided to call the gwozdziec album done.  it’s been almost a year since i first started the project, and it hasn’t moved an inch for several months.  my goal was to produce 10-12 tracks for the album, but rather than trying to drag out a project i sort of lost interest in, i’m quitting…

  • fix the broken music industry, revisited

    Upstart Blogger restates some ideas I’ve been blogging about for a while.  The question is, will anyone listen? Now is the time to force the music industry to change.