Random Song of the Day #0

art by Amanda Dolan

The first of anything is always depressing.  If you never continue with whatever it is, that #1 is just staring at you, taunting.  So, I had this idea of doing a “random song of the day” thinking that it would be pretty cool, be a way to share the music I love and what I’m listening to on any given day, and possibly get me doing stuff on my blog more.  But just in case I never do this ever again, I’m not making this seminal post the 1st post…instead, it is the 0th post — that way, if I end up getting bored with it, or too busy, or whatever lame excuse I come up with, I won’t have that #1 staring at me.

I’ve been going through all my discs and ripping them…again.  Re-ripping in many cases.  The first time around, moderately concerned about space, I only grabbed the tracks I “liked” and skipped whole albums.  This time, I’m re-ripping all the incomplete albums and ripping any albums I didn’t get the first time.  Why?  Because I can see the end of physical manifestations of music.  I might not like it, but digital is going to be the direction of almost all forms of media, and, as such, I want to make sure I have digital copies of all the physical stuff I own.

Therefore, this track of the day comes from the A section, a sweet b-side from the bootlegged Tori Amos collection Over the Pink.






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  1. Colin C. Avatar
    Colin C.

    just don't make the mistake of ripping all your CD's then going and selling them without having a back up! my friend in art school did just that to make some $… next day, the drive failed! doh!

    1. jazzs3quence Avatar

      Yeah, I'm not about to do that. I'm already mourning the loss of all the metal CDs I used to have and sold because "I'll never listen to these again." Damn you, sentimentality…

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