On the music front

Here’s what I’ve currently got going on the music front for me…I thought I’d list it all out since it’s not insignificant:

Mixing/co-producing Synaptic Disturbance’s RPM2011 album

This is sort of the first official Plague Music undertaking.  Working on this with Geoff from The Raygun Girls who has, thus far, succeeded in keeping me in check on producing the right metal guitar sound.  The first track is done and is mostly just waiting for vocals.

Synaptic Disturbance – Taking It Away (demo 3) by Plague Music

Geodesic Remixes

I got a message a while ago from Shinto Records about an upcoming remix opportunity for Geodesic.  Shinto is an indie label/distributor with a very specific genre niche — which I happen to think I would fit into nicely — but since I’m not in the least bit interested in physical distribution, I haven’t reached out to them for my own stuff.  However, I’m eager to jump into any potential remix opportunities, so I gave them a shout and got a couple remix kits.  The deadline for the remixes is May 15, so I’m hoping to start working on these this weekend.

A goth album

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this a while ago:


Well, it’s happening.  With the first demo posted on SoundCloud.  I haven’t quite gotten the dying cat guitars yet.

jazzsequence – I only wear black by jazzs3quence

All the titles will have similarly-ridiculous names like “Dark Pit of Darkness” and “Spooky Doom” and will be trying to recapture the old school goth vibe a la Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure — e.g. minimal with guitars and some synths.  The idea came out of wanting to play around on the bass some more and realizing that you don’t need much more than a bass and a drum synth to make a goth song.  The proposed album title is I only wear black, inspired by this t-shirt design I submitted to Threadless forever ago:

(By the way, I actually own this t-shirt now, and you can, too, by grabbing it from my Zazzle store.)

This art will, most likely, end up being the album cover, as well.

Once that’s out of the way, there’s:

Possible collaboration with super secret electronica rockstar

Okay, so he’s probably not one you could consider a rockstar, per se, and it’s not all that secret considering bits of it were discussed on Twitter.  We’ve exchanged a couple emails, and we’re both interested in the possibility but I think there’s probably too much going on right now for both of us to really focus on a new project.

So, there’s my update.  Having just gotten back from two trips, I’m just now starting to catch up with everything and this will be the first weekend I’m not working, so I’m looking forward to actually being able to work some more on some of these things.

Random Song of the Day #13

I’ve been listening to Daft Punk‘s soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. It’s interesting. Not what I expected. I sort of expected a soundtrack full of blips and bleeps like “Around the World” made into a score, but in fact it’s actually a fairly soundtrack-y soundtrack. Not that it’s a bad thing; it’s a really good soundtrack, it’s just more soundtrack than I expected. But I see this as meaning that the daft duo took their task seriously, and I see it as a sign of maturity. I’ve yet to see the film but I’m interested in seeing how the soundtrack adds to the movie.

Regardless of that, I really like this video. I dislike how it’s only available (as far as I can tell) on MTV (damn those monopolistic bastards), but what I like most isn’t the re-interpretation of the standard light-cycle battle, but rather the old school coin-op arcade game at the beginning.

teh s3quence 009: lilah’s mix


a new tradition i’m starting this year is to make mix cds for each of the kids every year.  i did one for G a couple months ago, and decided when i finally made lilah’s that i would post it here on teh s3quence.  so, here it is:

01 morphine, the night
02 poe, hello
03 bjork, big-time sensuality
04 imogen heap, clear the area
05 elastica, connection
06 eisley, combinations
07 fleetwood mac, go your own way
08 the killers, everything will be alright
09 pop tarts, girlie pop
10 no doubt, just a girl
11 they might be giants, clap your hands
12 the 5, 6, 7, 8s, woo hoo
13 blondie, hanging on the telephone
14 the b-52s, love shack
15 garbage, only happy when it rains
16 no doubt/bounty killer, girls got the bass in the back
17 alice deejay, the lonely one
18 ayumi hamasaki, moments
19 bt, blue skies (feat. tori amos)
20 ayumi hamasaki, i’m your little butterfly
21 ben folds, gracie


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(side notes: track 01 is a special song because it’s about a “little girl” named lilah, and it played in my head when we were coming up with names.  track 21 is a song ben folds wrote for/about his daughter.  “still fighting it” on rockin’ the suburbs was written about/for his son.)

teh s3quence version 1

i’ve been listening to mike skinner’s (of the streets) “skinmixes.”  they’ve reminded me what i loved about spinning records; creating moods and the flow of one song to the next, exposing music i love, and throwing some oddball stuff in for good measure.  skinner seems to have a similar approach, which is why i dig his mixes so much.  

there’s a trend that’s been going on for a few years with dj’s and mc’s (among, i’m sure, countless others) posting mixtapes on the web.  it’s a thing.  i decided there’s not much stopping me (other than time) from putting my own mixes out there, especially since i have this awesome virtual dj software that is just collecting dust.  

so here’s my first mix.  it’s short, and i spent a lot of the time playing with buttons. but this is sort of a trial run anyway.  my only real goal was to see if i actually could make Dali’s Car mix with the “Holding Out for a Hero” by Frou Frou.


t3h s3quence 1

1 – Holding Out for a Hero, Frou Frou
2 – Meantime, Imogen Heap
3 – Neighbourhood, Zeb Bias
4 – Watching Windows, Roni Size

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