Facebook’s Version of the Retweet Has Arrived

…given the most visible use of retweets on Twitter is links, with aggregators like Tweetmemetracking which stories get retweeted the most, it’s a big move for Facebook that makes its service even more Twitter-like maybe it’s just me, but is there any good at all in making facebook more twitter-like?  if facebook is trying to… Continue reading Facebook’s Version of the Retweet Has Arrived

I’m giving away Google Wave invites!

is google wave still relevant, or 2009’s biggest disappointment?  i’m still holding out for relevant, but i think it needs the kind of all-hands-in adoption that email has today.  but you’re sick of hearing the hype, right?  all these people talking and you still haven’t even seen what the damn thing looks like.  well you’re… Continue reading I’m giving away Google Wave invites!

the quest for the perfect twitter client

it won’t surprise anyone who visits this blog or knows anything about me that i’m a bit of a geek.  i mean that in the broadest sense of the term.  geek as in music geek — not only am i a music snob, but i was also a band geek, and, yes, i listen to bands… Continue reading the quest for the perfect twitter client

stfu, facebook

seriously, facebook? shutup. i’m tired of you telling me not only how *i* should use facebook, but how my friends on facebook should use facebook. it’s one thing to suggest some people i know (although, if i’ve ignored the suggestion for a month, and logged in once a day, every day, chances are, i’m not… Continue reading stfu, facebook

a girl named jinx

I met a high school girl today when erin and I were going to pick gavin up from his first day of preschool.  Mostly she and erin talked, I just quietly carried lilah on my shoulders.  She introduced herself (her real name escapes me) and she said something that struck me instantly as a bit… Continue reading a girl named jinx

twitter is

erin and i have this running debate about twitter.  the general argument is that she believes that, on the whole, twitter is dumbing down the internet, especially when it comes to creatives.  by creating a huge conglomerate of artists who all talk to each other and share ideas, there is a loss of individual creativity… Continue reading twitter is

more thoughts on new jazzsequence design

i was thinking a bit more about what i want from the new redesign, and how i want to integrate feeds and activity streams from other sites.  in particular, i was thinking about what om malik talks about in this post on what he sees as the evolution of blogging.  one point he makes is that,… Continue reading more thoughts on new jazzsequence design

app review: skimmer

application: skimmer result: undecided with so many great twitter and social networking apps out there, there’s a lot to choose from, and some stiff competition. and with so many social networks and a lot of crossover between them, you’d need to work hard to build something to suit everybody. this is a review for a… Continue reading app review: skimmer

add social links to your site

i spent this morning building and adding some social linking to our site. with all the digging and twittering and facebooking going on, if you have content worth sharing and you aren’t providing ways for people to share it, it’s fairly likely that people won’t. now, i have digg, facebook, and delicious bookmarklets in my google chrome bookmark bar, but i realize that i’m a geek and probably most people don’t do this. and anyway, it’s always nicer when those things are built directly into the page.

so i thought that i would share with you how to add social linking to your website or blog. please note that some of the code here will be wordpress-specific — which is great for wordpress users, but won’t be so helpful for those of you who don’t use wordpress. i will point out the areas where the code is wordpress only — there are plenty of resources out there for alternatives for your platform of choice.