more thoughts on new jazzsequence design

i was thinking a bit more about what i want from the new redesign, and how i want to integrate feeds and activity streams from other sites.  in particular, i was thinking about what om malik talks about in this post on what he sees as the evolution of blogging.  one point he makes is that, for those of us who don’t use facebook as our source for streaming all our thoughts online, i.e., those of us with our own websites or blogs, blogs will become more like facebook activity streams or lifestreams.

i already have a lifestream page that i’m not all that happy with.  and i was already thinking about using an “asides” feature like ma.ttand the morning after use on their themes. what if my various activity streams were fed in between blog posts, so the entire blog was like a lifestream?  this concept is really interesting and fairly new, and i am thinking i want to run with this idea.  i’ve used wp-o-matic for another site that literally aggregated content from various blogs onto its own blog (it was pretty much a hands-off money tree for ads) for a project i worked on a while ago, so i know how that works.  it would be fairly simple to use wp-o-matic to do the same thing here, except pull feeds from various social networking activity rss feeds.  assuming it all works the way it should, it would be fairly awesome…


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