New game show idea:

Cooking/dance competition

Contestants must cook a meal (think Iron Chef) while their favorite music is playing. Music must be danceable, and contestants are expected to dance while cooking. A panel of judges scores the contestants based on their dancing as well as the quality of the food. Contestants lose points if they spill, burn themselves or their food.

Awesome, simple and fast stir fry

I just made a really awesome stir fry with some ingredients we just had lying around the house. I don’t consider myself a good cook (or, really, much of a cook at all), so I was surprised at how good this came out, considering it was sort of a “well, this sounds good” process of… Continue reading Awesome, simple and fast stir fry

if the tallest had a website instead of an intergalactic armada of impending doom

this came to my attention today. there is a website that reviews…wait for it… snacks. apparently there are over 4,500 snacks reviewed for your, um, snacking pleasure with information on where to get them.  from pizza balls to octopus-flavored chips, and everything in between. so.  i’m thinking…if the Almighty Tallest (pictured above) from Invader Zim had… Continue reading if the tallest had a website instead of an intergalactic armada of impending doom

fondue season

the wheel of gruyere that i found in the produce section during our last trip to whole foods reminds me that it’s fondue season, which reminds me that once upon a time i had resolved to write more about food on this blog, and reminds me of the number of times people asked me what… Continue reading fondue season

mandarin america

i get a lot of crap email.  i spend a portion of my day hitting the delete key and filtering through to the stuff that is even remotely relevant to me.  occasionally i get a few forwards from family, and occasionally it saddens me to see how ignorant and racist they are.  rather than think too… Continue reading mandarin america

she’s easy

so, i went to the corner store near our house the other day because we were out of juice.  this is a tragic occurance in our household, one that results in much angst and screaming if we are not able to supply gavin with his beverage-of-choice.  so, gavin and i took a field trip. having… Continue reading she’s easy

caffe ibis

we took a field trip to logan, utah, to visit caffe ibis.  i was seriously impressed by their commitment to sustainability, fair trade, and making a positive difference on the environment.  seriously.  took a tour around the roasting facilities and then had a mini cupping.  the cupping was interesting, kinda obviously done for our benefit,… Continue reading caffe ibis