Raising Rates

This quote from today’s Clients From Hell newsletter is a lot like what I posted about last week:

Clients will often claim that they can get a man in Malaysia at one-tenth your price point, or that there’s a fresh-faced kid who’s hungry for your work. They’re not wrong, but they are short-sighted. That kid might charge a quarter your hourly rate, but chances are it will take them four times as long, too. Plus, the lack of expertise or experience will be a hindrance that’s rarely included in a cheap price point. There are a lot of factors that justify what you charge, and neither you nor your client should overlook them.

Welcome to the world of freelancing . . .

class=”aligncenter” Welcome to the world of freelancing:  one week we’re struggling, with no projects on the horizon.  Reality chose that week for my monitor of 8 years to finally die, and I’ve been using the MacBook for designing since (which isn’t ideal since the color isn’t as good and changes depending on what angle the monitor is at), and we don’t really have the resources to get a new monitor yet.  But lo, this week we scored a few really exciting projects.  So look for the sites we made to expand over the next couple of weeks.

I changed the portfolio to use a really awesome gallery by Airtight Interactive, so you should head over to their site and give them lots of business and money because they deserve it.