I remixed Gregorian chant!

I have an account on Indaba Music, which is sort of a social network for musicians, but — like many similar sites out there — they host remix contests to potentially get your music (or remix) on an actual album (for actual money).  A while back they hosted a remix contest for Daft Punk’s soundtrack… Continue reading I remixed Gregorian chant!

teh s3quence – 011 – #BassLove4Japan

I’ve been meaning to make a s3quence mix that had stuff from #RPM2011, but I was waiting until I had a chance to listen to more of the stuff that came out of it.  Then the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened.  Looking at these pictures is mind-blowing, as is the constant threat of nuclear radiation for… Continue reading teh s3quence – 011 – #BassLove4Japan

teh s3quence 006

so i finally got around to checking again on what was wrong with my media center.  i hooked it up to my other monitor and a spare keyboard and mouse i had lying around and first checked BIOS for any signs of processor issues like overheating, but there were none.  i turned on all the… Continue reading teh s3quence 006