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I haven’t been quiet about being addicted to loving  I took a break from Turntable for about a week, only to be reminded how awesome a platform it is when I came back.  The ability to see immediate feedback to the songs you play is almost better than DJ’ing at an actual club or party where some people go and dig the music, but never get up and dance, preferring to socialize.  It’s hands-down better than other platforms or methods for hosting or broadcasting music to other people.  It provides a more direct line of communication and feedback than a podcast, SHOUTcast stream or and is a great way for musicians to play their music and directly interact with their fans and get a response.  After our listening party earlier this week for the new Raygun Girls album, we’ve been trying to think up ways to do something similar again.

Why not a regular Plague Music room?  We could use it for any live events or just hang out and play some tunes.  You can come see what we’re up to by visiting the Plague Music Netlabel room.  If you’d like to DJ and all the slots are full, you can sign up on our DJ list and we’ll make sure you get in there.  It’s likely to be slow going at first as we gather momentum, but we’re hoping to keep this as a regular feature and staff it every Friday (if not other days during the week).  So stop by and see what’s going on.  If you have an event you’d like us to host in our room, or you are an artist and would like us to play your tracks, give us a shout.

July 26th is Plague release day!

The Taker, The Raygun Girls’ latest album, is almost here, and serves to be the very first Plague release.  Much of it was written during the 2011 RPM Challenge, but it’s been polished and remixed with some excellent vocal appearances by Jacinda Espinosa and A Girl Named Sam.  The final tracklist is still being organized, but you can listen to the first single on Soundcloud as well as on The Raygun Girls’ Official website.

Come hang out with us July 25th at our first virtual release party on  Register with us and get a free track from the album, or just drop by the night of and listen to your favorite goth, industrial and metal alongside cuts from the latest Raygun Girls album.

On the music front

Here’s what I’ve currently got going on the music front for me…I thought I’d list it all out since it’s not insignificant:

Mixing/co-producing Synaptic Disturbance’s RPM2011 album

This is sort of the first official Plague Music undertaking.  Working on this with Geoff from The Raygun Girls who has, thus far, succeeded in keeping me in check on producing the right metal guitar sound.  The first track is done and is mostly just waiting for vocals.

Synaptic Disturbance – Taking It Away (demo 3) by Plague Music

Geodesic Remixes

I got a message a while ago from Shinto Records about an upcoming remix opportunity for Geodesic.  Shinto is an indie label/distributor with a very specific genre niche — which I happen to think I would fit into nicely — but since I’m not in the least bit interested in physical distribution, I haven’t reached out to them for my own stuff.  However, I’m eager to jump into any potential remix opportunities, so I gave them a shout and got a couple remix kits.  The deadline for the remixes is May 15, so I’m hoping to start working on these this weekend.

A goth album

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this a while ago:!/jazzs3quence/status/48407049117241345

Well, it’s happening.  With the first demo posted on SoundCloud.  I haven’t quite gotten the dying cat guitars yet.

jazzsequence – I only wear black by jazzs3quence

All the titles will have similarly-ridiculous names like “Dark Pit of Darkness” and “Spooky Doom” and will be trying to recapture the old school goth vibe a la Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure — e.g. minimal with guitars and some synths.  The idea came out of wanting to play around on the bass some more and realizing that you don’t need much more than a bass and a drum synth to make a goth song.  The proposed album title is I only wear black, inspired by this t-shirt design I submitted to Threadless forever ago:

(By the way, I actually own this t-shirt now, and you can, too, by grabbing it from my Zazzle store.)

This art will, most likely, end up being the album cover, as well.

Once that’s out of the way, there’s:

Possible collaboration with super secret electronica rockstar

Okay, so he’s probably not one you could consider a rockstar, per se, and it’s not all that secret considering bits of it were discussed on Twitter.  We’ve exchanged a couple emails, and we’re both interested in the possibility but I think there’s probably too much going on right now for both of us to really focus on a new project.

So, there’s my update.  Having just gotten back from two trips, I’m just now starting to catch up with everything and this will be the first weekend I’m not working, so I’m looking forward to actually being able to work some more on some of these things.