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  • teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    Teh s3quence – Halloween 2015 by Jazzsequence on Mixcloud It’s been a while since I put one of these together so I thought it was time. This year’s Halloween mix collects a bunch of stuff that I could hear being included in a horror movie. Think of it as the soundtrack to the horror movie in my…

  • Halloween 2013 mixtape

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this this year, but both my Twitter buds — Colin and Geoff — did Halloween singles this year, so I figured I had to make a mixtape that featured them. This also has some spooky side-projects of Colin’s as well as some other stuff I don’t…

  • ▶ Slighter – Outbreak (Halloween 2013) [DOWNLOAD!] by SLIGHTER

    Slighter brings us a fiendishly excellent track for Halloween, a zombie-infused breakbeat track called “Outbreak” (get it? there’s a pun in there…). The track opens with a moody sound collage and dark ambient intro that reminds me of old school Skinny Puppy. Check it out and download it now!

  • That’s our school!

    Deseret News covers the “Thriller” flash mob the 6-8th graders pulled off at the Open Classroom. Photos: ‘Cause this is Thriller: Kids dance to the scary classic | Deseret News.

  • Hallowe’en: what we’re celebrating

    Since I get a kick out of digging into the history of such things (like I did for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago), and since I — being a recovering goth, former Catholic, and damn heretic — know a few things on the subject, I thought it would be fun to look at…

  • Spooky doom! @slighter’s got a new track for Halloween

    Check it out.  It’s full of awesome. Last Pulse (Halloween 2012) by Slighter

  • teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    Because I like to do things out of order (and also because I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted teh s3quence 014…), I’m giving you teh s3quence 015, the HALLOWEEN EDITION! Usually when I make a Halloween mix, it’s pretty straightforward — pick a bunch of songs that are about zombies, vampires, ghosts or are…

  • Catching up

    It’s 2011 and we’ve been remiss in updating this blog (and the flickr stream) with new pics.  So, here’s the last 3 months in brief… September The end of September we had several significant events and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa in California. But first… The Open Classroom had an all-school field trip to…

  • "Spookatini By Colleen Mullaney Serves 4 8 oz. Mandarin Orange vodka 4 oz. Fresh lemon juice 4…"

    “Spookatini By Colleen Mullaney Serves 4 8 oz. Mandarin Orange vodka 4 oz. Fresh lemon juice 4 oz. Grand Marnier 2 oz. Grenadine Seltzer to top it off In a pitcher filled half-way with ice, pour all ingredients except seltzer. Let chill. Pour in mar…

  • teh s3quence: 010 — halloween

    teh s3quence: 010 — halloween

    It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so, with the best holiday (especially when it comes to music) coming along, it seemed the right time.  This mix is 90 minutes of spooky tracks to get your demonic groove on to. 1 – Rob Zombie, Living Dead Girl 2 – GraveDiggaz, Diary…