teh s3quence, version 4

recorded a new s3quence mix.  sort of a mix with some left field stuff in here.  i keep going back to hip hop, i guess it’s just what’s in my head these days.  but i threw in some acid jazz and indie electronic/idm-type stuff, too.  there’s also some scratching, but only some of it is actually me.  anyway, it was fun, so i hope you can listen to it without cringing.


this time i added album art.  i saw this taking the dog for a walk, looked sort of like the skateboard was embedded in the ground like after a tornado when there are 2x4s shoved through trees.


teh s3quence, version 4

1 lady sovereign, bang bang
2 cut chemist meets shortkut, who rocks the house
3 dj shadow, high noon
4 krii, dzaes manouverz
5 tricky, black steel
6 bat for lashes, bat’s mouth
7 the for carnation, tales (live from the crypt)
8 thom yorke, and it rained all night
9 carole king, pierre
10 mr. t, don’t talk to strangers
11 spooks, things i’ve seen
12 terror danjah, cock back v1.2
13 bear mccreary, something dark is coming

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lady sovereign, bang bang
cut chemist meets shortkut, who rocks the house
dj shadow, high noon
krii, dzaes manouverz
tricky, black steel
bat for lashes, bat’s mouth
the for carnation, tales (live from the crypt)
thom yorke, and it rained all night
carole king, pierre
mr. t, don’t talk to strangers
spooks, things i’ve seen
terror danjah, cock back v1.2
bear mccreary, something dark is c

gwozdziec, track 4 and 5

i’ve discovered a new method to creating randomized, creative commons-based music.  wolfram tones will generate an entire composition based on variables you define in probably every musical style known to man. wolfram has been essentially compiling a database of all knowledge, ever, and it is being used to power a variety of applications, of which wolfram alpha is one. because i’m aware of the project and what they do, i’m fairly sure that they actually do allow you to create a composition in any style ever conceived, because each style, with its’ own unique scale and patterns, is stored in the database.

this track is my first experiment in wolfram tones. i created a composition in the “ambient” style and gave it 5 tracks. i played around with the individual instruments a bit on the site but after it sent me the midi file i changed them all in ableton, using the sampler tool to pull from some generated instruments i created out of loops from nine inch nails’ “beginning of the end” (which, since i have the bonus disk with the ableton tracks from yearzeroremixed, i had lying around). the result is dirty, and not very ambient (maybe if i changed the bpm to, say, 20, it would be more ambient), but it’s interesting, and i think i like it. i especially like some of the effects going on on some of the tracks.

at any rate, it’s a beginning, and possibly something that will pull me through the rest of the project. next step is making something more listenable, as this was pretty deliberately experimental.


i realized after completing this track that i had downloaded samples for track 4 but had not actually created the track. so i used this as an excuse to test my new wolfram tones experiment. this time i created a random hip hop track and took out the drums (i added in my own drum loop later). i used the samples i downloaded as the instruments. then i ramped up the bpm. the result is much more, i dunno, digestible? while still having a real experimental/glitch/tweaker ambience from the sampled instruments. not sure i’m gonna finish the album like this, but i definitely want to try a few more things before i call the wolfram experiment done.


since both of these were done in ableton, i’m going to include the full ableton tracks when i release the full album. i think it will be interesting with these because you’ll be able to see the creative process and all the effects i used.

teh s3quence, version 3

it’s been a while since i posted or did one of these and i tweeted probably over a week ago that i wanted to do a hip-hop mix next time around, so i got around to doing it.  it’s longer by far than the others, and it only has a few minor effups (well, one glaring one which was a result of lack of forethought — but hey, it’s hard to think on the spot when you’re mixing and juggling two kids chasing each other around and falling off the couch).  otherwise, i’m pretty happy with this mix.  it had a lot of my favorite hip-hop tracks from the uk, the us, and, thanks to dj krush, japan.


tracklist for teh s3quence, version 3

1 lady sovereign, random
2 roots manuva, witness dubstep
3 dj krush, toki no tabiji (feat. Inden)
4 different levels, all i wanna do
5 cee-lo, closet freak
6 dj luck & mc neat, a little bit of luck
7 tricky, you don’t wanna
8 ice-t, big gun
9 tha dogg pound, what would you do?
10 RDB, snoop dogg, & akshay kumar, singh is kinng
11 pigface vs. the evil mothers, asphole
12 dj spooky & saul williams, the pledge to resist
13 lady sovereign & shystie vs. frost p & zuz rock, the battle
14 artful dodger, re-rewind (sweet n’ low remix)
15 the streets, blinded by the lights
16 buck 65, the suffering machine
17 tosca tango orchestra, ballade 4 part 1


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