teh s3quence, version 3

it’s been a while since i posted or did one of these and i tweeted probably over a week ago that i wanted to do a hip-hop mix next time around, so i got around to doing it.  it’s longer by far than the others, and it only has a few minor effups (well, one glaring one which was a result of lack of forethought — but hey, it’s hard to think on the spot when you’re mixing and juggling two kids chasing each other around and falling off the couch).  otherwise, i’m pretty happy with this mix.  it had a lot of my favorite hip-hop tracks from the uk, the us, and, thanks to dj krush, japan.


tracklist for teh s3quence, version 3

1 lady sovereign, random
2 roots manuva, witness dubstep
3 dj krush, toki no tabiji (feat. Inden)
4 different levels, all i wanna do
5 cee-lo, closet freak
6 dj luck & mc neat, a little bit of luck
7 tricky, you don’t wanna
8 ice-t, big gun
9 tha dogg pound, what would you do?
10 RDB, snoop dogg, & akshay kumar, singh is kinng
11 pigface vs. the evil mothers, asphole
12 dj spooky & saul williams, the pledge to resist
13 lady sovereign & shystie vs. frost p & zuz rock, the battle
14 artful dodger, re-rewind (sweet n’ low remix)
15 the streets, blinded by the lights
16 buck 65, the suffering machine
17 tosca tango orchestra, ballade 4 part 1


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