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  • So this is why Hollywood blockbusters aren’t very good

    Disney exec says storytelling is B.S. when it comes to B.O. | Blastr. How are we supposed to be expected to shell out $15 a seat to watch a film in the theatre when Hollywood execs like Andy Hendrickson from Disney say things like this: People say ‘It’s all about the story.’ When you’re making…

  • The Hunger Games: The Movie — a prediction

    The Hunger Games: The Movie — a prediction

    This is what I predict from Hollywood — known for taking a good story and butchering the crap out of it — for The Hunger Games film adaptation: The overall premise of being a somewhat chick-centric tale with complex motivations and interpersonal relationships will be overshadowed by the testosterone-fueled Games themselves, turning what could be defined…

  • Lazy Teenage Superheroes

    This 13 minute independent superhero film cost $300. Three. Hundred. Dollars. Seriously, Hollywood, watch your collective asses. No one cares about your stupid award shows anymore especially when kids are making shit like this for pennies.