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  • Dear #NSA, happy 4th

  • Cat Signal update

    I released an update to the Cat Signal plugin that fixes some issues that were introduced in the last update. If you’re using it, make sure you update before the campaign tomorrow. Internet Defense League Cat Signal

  • July 4th: Protest NSA Spying

    On the 4th the Internet Defense League is launching the Cat Signal in protest of PRISM and NSA spying on American citizens. Seems like a good time to download my Cat Signal plugin for WordPress, if you haven’t already. Thunderclap: July 4th: Protest NSA Spying.

  • Private Internet Access, because the Internet is dirty

    Private Internet Access, because the Internet is dirty

    I was going to title this post “Private Internet Access: It’s like a condom for the internet” but the resulting image was a bit too graphic even for me. I must be getting old. A few months ago, I started using BTGuard. It’s a proxy server that can be used for BitTorrent to route your…

  • CISPA is not dead.

      CISPA is back..