teh (anti)xmas s3quence

even scrooges occasionally listen to christmas music.  it’s just that our taste in christmas music is occasionally a bit twisted.  every year i make a playlist for the holidays.  here’s the latest incarnation with some of the staples that hang around year after year. 01 john lennon, happy christmas (war is over) 02 the pretenders,… Continue reading teh (anti)xmas s3quence

SoftBank is my new favorite company in the world

how can you not love a company that not only has a talking dog, and an American woman screaming something aggressive and samurai-ly in Japanese, but also has Quentin Tarrantino doing some crazy ass shit? that not convince you?  maybe these two ads with brad pitt co-starring as a sumo wrestler’s personal assistant may help:… Continue reading SoftBank is my new favorite company in the world


i wasn’t so sure about the artistic quality of this.  it sort of felt like some high school prank, although it was amusing in that this is that dream where everyone’s naked that no one actually ever has in real life kind of way. this, however, is genius.  i’m thinking of making an installation piece out… Continue reading nu-art