year zero

i know it’s several years old now, but i’m thinking about finally doing a full-on year zero remix album…unfortunately, my remix of “the beginning of the end” was done in garageband and i didn’t save (or i can’t find) an original lossless version, which means the only surviving version of it is a single ogg… Continue reading year zero


the blog’s been quiet for a reason. it’s RPM season, which means that in addition to being already busy with clients and projects and our special [ap] side project we were planning to work on this month (ed note: doesn’t look like it’s happening this month :/ ), i’m also trying to get 35 minutes… Continue reading lull

teh TOTALLY 80s s3quence

music was a cornerstone of my childhood. i grew up with mtv and what i consider to be the height of radio — back when dj’s played good music that wasn’t dictated by record labels. some people think that 80s music sounds kitchy, dated, or lo-fi, but i say it’s all of these things that… Continue reading teh TOTALLY 80s s3quence