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  • Use Simple Page Builder to Add Unique Layouts to Content

    I wrote a thing, and then I wrote about the thing I wrote. Use Simple Page Builder to Add Unique Layouts to Content

  • Cat Signal

    Cat Signal

    Last year, there was a thing called SOPA and a thing called PIPA and these things were bad and basically said that the way you do the things you do on the internet need to change dramatically. They were both written by a bunch of guys who have no real idea of how the internet…

  • Notifications

    How many times have you wanted to display a sitewide notification on your site? I’ve needed it a lot on a variety of sites, and the plugins I’ve found in the repository left much to be desired. I decided to create my own, which is still in development, that I plan on uploading to WordPress.org.…

  • Hello, Ziggy

    Hello, Ziggy

    I’ve had this plugin installed on a number of my sites for a while now. It’s not much, in fact, it was my very first plugin, ever. I finally decided to upload it to the WordPress.org repository. I’m talking, of course, of my Hello Dolly fork, Hello Ziggy. All it does is adds a bit of…

  • Plugin Development & Tutorial Writing is Charity

    The Charity Dilemma: Appreciate What You Are Given | kevinleary.net.

  • How to upload a plugin from the WordPress dashboard [VIDEO]

    The second video in our screencast series, this shows you how to upload a plugin from a zip file with the WordPress Add New Plugin installer.

  • How to Update WordPress Plugins [VIDEO]

    We created a YouTube page where we’ll be hosting video tutorials on doing various different things — both beginner and advanced — in WordPress. In our first video, we walk you through keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date wi…

  • New gig

    As of today, I have a new gig. The longer story is that things have been slow in the web design front.  My going theory is that the industry — especially given the economy; that great excuse we’ve been using for everything from health care to what store we shop at — is moving toward…

  • Free WordPress Plugin: Hello Ziggy

    so, you use WordPress.  and maybe you’ve turned on Hello Dolly.  but if you’re me (chances are, you’re not me, but we’ll pretend for the sake of argument that you’re enough like me to continue reading this statement and past this ridiculous parenthetical tangent), you don’t have Hello Dolly turned on because it’s obnoxious.  (no offense to…