How many times have you wanted to display a sitewide notification on your site? I’ve needed it a lot on a variety of sites, and the plugins I’ve found in the repository left much to be desired. I decided to create my own, which is still in development, that I plan on uploading to It’s called, unoriginally, Notifications, and you can grab it here.

This plugin requires the use of the body_open hook in your theme. If your theme doesn’t support it, you’ll need to add it. I didn’t know about this hook but I will start adding hooks to various places in Museum Core in the future, starting with this. It was first proposed on Trac as a way to do exactly what I needed to do, which is display something right after the <body> tag opens.

To use the notifications, add <?php do_action( 'body_open' ); ?> to your theme, then create a new notification from the notifications page.

Right now, it just has a really simple dark background with light text. I plan on adding an options page where there can be “themes” as well as (possibly) a custom css panel to add your own styles. I’m also going to add internationalization support.





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