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  • Tim Minchin – Pope Song this.  is.  brilliant.

    Tim Minchin – Pope Song this.  is.  brilliant.

  • joss whedon on faith and spirituality

    joss whedon speaks about what he doesn’t have against christianity (or anything else, specifically) and addresses some of his themes of faith belief systems in his shows. via SciFi Wire

  • for valentine’s day

    as today is yesterday was valentine’s day, and also, coincidentally for some, the traditional day of rest and reaffirming their faith in their chosen higher deity, i thought it would be appropriate to take a minute to ponder the origin of the holiday.  partially, this was influenced by @KarinaAllrich‘s tweet earlier today that “Valentine’s Day…

  • Why People Suck: A theological examination

    I tend not to get into religion or personal issues here.  The theory is sort of that that’s one of those subjects that’s bound to rile people up and not polite to discuss.  Then again, this site gets very little traffic, so riling people up can only help… I consider myself to be pretty theologically…