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  • Bullhorns are overrated

    a little late in finding this but seth godin points out on his blog that: having ten times as many Twitter followers generates approximately zero times as much value. which more or less proves my point. Seth’s Blog: Bullhorns are overrated.

  • learning to do less

    i just got done reading Seth Godin’s manifesto, Do Less.  i’ve actually been reading quite a bit of Seth Godin recently, having decided that his blog is pretty cool.  Seth Godin is a smart guy.  he’s not saying anything revolutionary — in fact, a lot of what he blogs about should be common sense.  but…

  • what do you do with a kangaroo?

    “What do you do with a Kangaroo who jumps in your window, sits on your bed, and says, ‘I never sleep on wrinkled sheets, so change them now and make them smooth, and fluff up the pillows if you please’ What do you do?” there’s an old book by mercer mayer, before he did the…