twitter schoolbus: day two

photo by Martin Third
photo by Martin Third

today i put my theory to the test. it goes like this:

if the twitter rocket program is so easy, and i know the types of things that upstart blogger has exposed in the past so i know what he’d avoid, then the actual process needs to be really freakin’ obvious. so as i was venting to erin one night, she said “you should probably do a search for ‘wordpress’ or something, and start following those people.” and that’s it. how do you get followers in your niche? by doing a daily regimen of looking for people who are talking about the things you are interested in, and following them. it doesn’t break any rules of ethics because these are people who may actually be pretty interesting reads, and twitter encourages this kind of communication and user discovery. if you do this every day, you are bound to get some follow backs (especially if they take a look at your profile and/or web page and find that they think you’re pretty cool and follow you back). you may get a few autofollow zombies, but for the most part, this is fairly targeted to your interest group.

if this works, and it’s NOT the way twitter rocket actually works, it could be that i found a better way of getting a lot of honest followers without having to self-promote like crazy. we’ll see if it works when the weekly google analytics report gets back. (on the other hand, if this is all that’s involved in twitter rocket, why is everyone involved huddled around a secret that’s really not all that secret? there has to be something more to it.  unless glorybug is right , and it’s all one big scam.  i choose to give ashley the benefit of the doubt. i have been known to be wrong about such things.)

so today i did a twitter search for wordpress and started following the first 5 pages of peeps (who tweeted in english) i found. it amounted to about 40 people. at the end of the day, these were my stats: following: 396 / followed by: 176. some quick math: i added 39 people to my following list, and was followed by 25 new people. that’s pretty sweet, even if some of those 25 are still from day 1. it’s easy to see where this is going: as long as you keep up a steady regimen of following people, you will get people to follow you back — especially if they find you relevant. and if it’s possible to get 25 follows a day, in a month i’ll be close to 1000 followers — a number i’ve only dreamed of. like everything else, you just need to work at it. i didn’t spend very long following people either, and it wasn’t all in one go. i probably only spent maybe 15-20 minutes. we’ll see where this goes. will the follows taper off after the initial 300 or so that i followed at the beginning decide to follow me back or not? i haven’t been paying much attention to who is following me right now, so i don’t know the percentage of follows from today were from the people i followed today. but already i sound like a marketing schmuck so i’m about to slap myself upside the head. the last thing i want to do is sound like the people i’m trying to outsmart.

twitter schoolbus experiment

the more i say it, the more i like the sound of “twitter schoolbus.” it gives the impression that we’re all learning about this process together.

here’s my day 1 review (and if it fails, it will be called the twitter short bus):

  • followed everyone i was following on my jazzs3quence and our arcanepalette twitter accounts
  • followed a few more people who came a long or that i thought of
  • tweeted a few times, but keeping it pretty generic and mostly links and retweets
  • dropped the twitter rocket bomb once (i was amused having seen a google search referral to my site for “‘twitter rocket’ torrent”)

at the end of the day, i had (as of 11:15 mst) 119 followers and was following 357 tweeps. considering @jazzs3quence has 114 followers (granted, i don’t try to get followers very hard) and @arcanepalette has 186, i see 119 followers in one day a pretty big step in the right direction. (as of this morning, i have 151 followers. not bad for a day’s work.)

over the next few weeks i’m going to push this twitter account more than @jazzs3quence, and mostly keep that just for the stuff i read and keep up on.  @jazzs3quence will always be there, and will probably be more me, but it will also be more like my “personal” account, whereas @teh_s3quence is more the professional side. sort of. obviously (given the username i chose) it won’t be that professional.

i’m also going to work on a twitter wallpaper. eventually.